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An online résumé, blog, biography and digital sandbox


Welcome to my website!

An online site to document my journey

I’ve been focusing some attention lately to increase my online presence… with a few goals in mind.

  • To give me a single place to put my résumé and professional history, selected biographical notes, my thoughts, links, photos, and what not. A one-stop, Mark shop.
  • To create a multimedia-like online résumé experience, allowing interested parties (recruiters and hiring managers) to view my portfolio in several different ways. My years working “undercover” at KLA-Tencor left virtually no professional exposure on the web.
  • To broaden the results of a Google search for “Mark Allen Neil” to include more than forum posts. If Google has led you here, then I’ve apparently done a good job.

So I intend to address as many of these goals with this website as humanly possible… and as time permits.

This website serves another goal… continued self-training in creating interesting websites.

  • This is my third significant site… I recommend visiting my other sites - Sparklegram and AuthorCollector.
  • For this site, I’m employing the intriguing Symphony CMS. I’m finding Symphony an elegant and powerful content management system, but documentation is a bit lacking… I may post some tutorials here.
  • I’ve taken advantage of some extremely good work posted online by Stephen Bau. I’m using his Fluid 960 Grid System for my CSS framework (modified to suit my tastes). I also have found his Symphony tutorial at DesignProjectX to be incredibly helpful.
  • I’ve finally abandoned Windows and I’ve developed this site entirely in Ubuntu Linux using a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack.

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